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Adam Cegielski



  • Nationality: Polish
  • Programme: MSc EMINE
  • Languages: Polish and English, plus some French and German




“I think global warming poses such a serious threat that environmental issues should be the main priority of the sustainable energy mix. I have always been fascinated by nuclear engineering – it requires the highest level of knowledge and abilities. So it felt obvious to me that I had to study with the best in order to be the best. MSc EMINE offered high-quality training and an international environment – I didn’t hesitate for a second!”

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Alexandra Marques Ferreira da Silva



  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Programme: MSc ENTECH
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English




“The thing that directly concerns me is being able to produce energy to meet our needs while still respecting the environmental balance. For me, that means economic and political issues should never be the first priority. I joined InnoEnergy Master’s School because it was a great opportunity to achieve a double degree at top-flight European universities. And now I’ve found some of my current best friends – friends that I will have for life.”

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Dev Mishra



  • Nationality: Indian
  • Programme: MSc Energy for Smart Cities
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, and some Spanish




“After three years’ working in the automobile industry, I felt the need to solve problems that were more relevant to the future. That’s why I chose InnoEnergy Master’s School – to help create solutions for a smarter and more sustainable future. Winning the award for the most inventive idea at the EIT Alumni Start-up Days was an amazing experience. To have people from different backgrounds and cultures come together to solve one challenge was just great.”

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Joshua Leupolz



  • Nationality: German
  • Programme: MSc ENTECH
  • Languages: German, English, and some French




“I joined the InnoEnergy Master’s School because I think that the transition towards sustainable energies is one of the main challenges today. I believe that a future with 100 per cent sustainable energy is truly possible. I also very much liked the idea of studying in foreign countries. Meeting people from all around the world – all with the goal of making the earth a better place – is one of the best aspects of the programme.”

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Laura Perez Casado

laura casado1


  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Programme: MSc Energy for Smart Cities
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan, and English; beginner’s French




“Creating energy without making too much impact on the environment and ensuring that it is sufficient to meet our daily demands is the most important challenge we face. I joined the Master’s School because it offered me so much more than just a regular Master’s course. Its additional activities make it far more applied, which increases the possibility of learning from real experience.”

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Milan Zlatkovikj

Milan Zlat


  • Nationality: Macedonian
  • Programme: MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy
  • Languages: Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian and English; plus basic French and Spanish




“The new energy future should not decrease the living standards of the population. Sustainable energy accompanied by sustainable economy. I joined the InnoEnergy Master’s School to acquire the required skills and connections to make an impact in the energy sector.”

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Salman Shahid



  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Programme: MSc Energy for Smart Cities
  • Languages: English, Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi, and Saraiki; beginner’s French, German and Arabic




“Visiting the World Smart Cities Expo and learning the global dynamics of sustainable cities is one of my best memories. I joined InnoEnergy Master’s School because I am passionate about making this world sustainable, especially through learning and implementation in residential and tertiary buildings. It’s all about providing eco-friendly and renewable energy for present use without compromising future needs.”

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Rachel Sadok



  • Nationality: American
  • Programme: MSc SELECT
  • Languages: English, Spanish, and Hebrew; basic Italian and Portuguese




“I joined the Master’s School because it strongly aligned with my values and provided me the opportunity to gain a deeper education into what truly interests me. Sustainable energy will make sure that we leave the Earth how it was given to us and ensure that it will keep providing for future generations as it has for us.”

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Sergio Ricardo da Motta Pires



  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Programme: MSc SENSE
  • Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish




“My stand-out experience? Arriving at KTH and meeting Dr Stephen Hawking on the street where I lived! I had joined the Master’s School because I wanted to be involved in contributing to the development of renewable energies through innovation. I was completely amazed by where I was – a top research institute that attracts the greatest minds.”

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Jake Kinghorn-Mills

  • Nationality: British
  • Programme: MSc EMINE
  • Languages: English 




“Where sustainable energy is concerned, the InnoEnergy Master’s school stood out to me due to its industry partnership approach to higher education. My first academic year has been full of exciting experiences as part of an international student network and interesting, yet challenging, academic encounters. As I move towards my final year, I feel I am learning the skills I need to start working in one of the 21st Century’s most important fields.”

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