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Bruno Paixão Martins


  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Programme: MSc RENE
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and German




“After four years working in the chemical industry with oil-based products, I felt that I wasn’t helping the development of a more sustainable world. Therefore, I decided to quit my job and went back to studying in InnoEnergy Master’s School RENE. I don’t regret leaving what I had behind in the search of what I truly believe will shape our future. In the master’s I learned new skills that will help me in my professional life.”

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Alexandra Marques Ferreira da Silva



  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Programme: MSc ENTECH
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English




“The thing that directly concerns me is being able to produce energy to meet our needs while still respecting the environmental balance. For me, that means economic and political issues should never be the first priority. I joined InnoEnergy Master’s School because it was a great opportunity to achieve a double degree at top-flight European universities. And now I’ve found some of my current best friends – friends that I will have for life.”

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Siva Sembian 


  • Nationality: Indian 
  • Programme: MSc SELECT
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil




“Joining InnoEnergy was a disruptive career path for me, having worked in automotive industry for 4 years. However, I have never once regretted the choice as my passion for sustainable world, which drove me to choose the program, only got more fueled after coming here. The amount of possibilities that I have been exposed to through various events and the knowledge I gained from the comprehensive education (technical and business creation) is something I don’t think I could get anywhere else. I find myself in the perfect ecosystem to accelerate sustainable technology development.”

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Muhammad Irfan Tariq


  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Programme: MSc ENTECH
  • Languages: English, Urdu




“Two years ago, I had a dream job, endearing family, close friends and everything which someone can hope for but still, there was a lack of internal gratification. My mind had couple of questions inside, like, would I still be happy after 10-20 years with what I am doing now? Do I want to live a life just for myself? Obviously, the answer to the above questions was a Big No. It was a pivotal moment when I decided to move out from my comfort zone and applied for EIT InnoEnergy Master’s School. Today, I can proudly say that this programme has been an incredible experience of my life as it helped me in nurturing my ideas in more innovative and entrepreneurial environment. Moreover, lessons which I learnt in last two years made me better both personally & professionally.”

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Rachel Sadok



  • Nationality: American
  • Programme: MSc SELECT
  • Languages: English, Spanish, and Hebrew; basic Italian and Portuguese




“I joined the Master’s School because it strongly aligned with my values and provided me the opportunity to gain a deeper education into what truly interests me. Sustainable energy will make sure that we leave the Earth how it was given to us and ensure that it will keep providing for future generations as it has for us.”

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Sjoerd Kraaijenhof


  • Nationality: Dutch 
  • Programme: MSc RENE
  • Languages: Dutch, English (limited working with French, German & Spanish)




“The transition of modern society to ensure a sustainable future is one of the most integral issues we are facing today. I joined InnoEnergy Master’s School because it is my firm believe that the sum of the different aspects of the offered studies – education in both technology & entrepreneurship, studying abroad at different universities, personal development training and networking opportunities – best prepares us to serve the transition in its coming speed-up phase.”

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Jake Kinghorn-Mills


  • Nationality: British
  • Programme: MSc EMINE
  • Languages: English 




“Where sustainable energy is concerned, the InnoEnergy Master’s school stood out to me due to its industry partnership approach to higher education. My first academic year has been full of exciting experiences as part of an international student network and interesting, yet challenging, academic encounters. As I move towards my final year, I feel I am learning the skills I need to start working in one of the 21st Century’s most important fields.”

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Afaq Ahmed Butt


  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Programme: MS SELECT
  • Languages: English, Urdu  




A truly sustainable existence is one that sustains itself without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same. I joined the InnoEnergy Master’s School simply because their goals were the embodiment of this phrase and I wanted to be a part of a community working to bring change and disrupt old trends. Over the last two years, I have worked on challenging projects, met fascinating individuals, travelled to captivating locations and most importantly taken a step forward towards a sustainable future.

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Claudia di Tullio


  • Nationality: Italian
  • Programme: MSc RENE
  • Languages: English, Italian, Spanish




“When I applied for the Master School in InnoEnergy, I had high expectations. After one year spent in Stockholm and few months in Barcelona I can say that the program completely fulfills them: it gives me the opportunity to study in the best technical universities in Europe, to be connected to companies and innovative startups, to develop entrepreneurial skills and to be part of a community of people coming from all over the world who share the same mindset and interest in sustainable energy.

I strive to become a game-changer in energy field and create meaningful solutions which can benefit people and preserve the environment.”

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Zaid bin Farooq


  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Programme: MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy
  • Languages: English, Urdu




“I am a second-year student at IST Lisbon with majors in Energy Engineering & Management. Throughout my entire engineering career, I have always been striving to maximise the efficiency of the existing technology, minimize the bottlenecks to enhance the energy potential. During last two years, I’ve had excursions to different power industries, certifications and worked together with companies. This has helped me to understand the dynamics of the challenges faced in power sector.

Right now I’m on verge of joining one of the most successful multinational companies for my thesis and this opportunity will enable me to apply the teachings of my past two years in practice.”

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  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Programme: MSc SENSE
  • Languages: Chinese, English




“Renewable energy has the potential to provide solutions and accelerate change, but it has to be economically attractive and viable for businesses. EIT InnoEnergy drives the change in the energy revolution and decreases the cost which gives a sense of real purpose.”

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  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Programme: MSc RENE
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish and Catalan




“I was looking for a big change in my academic career and my personal life. I was also passionate for sustainability and believed in a greener future for us all. Then I came across InnoEnergy programmes and MSc RENE looked quite a bit like what I was looking for. And boy it was! I had the opportunity to study in top European universities and meet extremely interesting people from all around the globe. We all had hands-on experience by collaborating in industry projects from different companies of the energy sector. And finally, myself and most of my alumni colleagues are already employed in well-known companies and making an impact in the sector. Two of them even started their own company! If all this is exciting you, I think you are in the right place!”

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  • Nationality: China
  • Programme: MSc ENTECH
  • Languages: Chinese, English, and German; basic Swedish and French





“Since I was young, I have been interested in sustainable energy, especially solar energy. Before graduating from my bachelor studies, I found the InnoEnergy Master’s School, which made me feel like its the right thing for me.After studying two years at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Uppsala University, I learned a lot about energy technologies. I believe that renewable energy is the key to create a better world for our next generation. Furthermore, the InnoEnergy Master’s School will help us become game changers in this field.”

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  • Nationality: Pakistan
  • Programme: MSc Energy Transition
  • Languages: English, Urdu




“Working with people from different backgrounds, having different cultural contexts, brings the best out of you. The mind opens up to new horizons and brand-new approaches. Knowing cutting edge technologies and getting a chance to implement them (in the form of internships and working with startups) makes you feel excited. One can sense the responsibility to play out his role in order to achieve a sustainable future. Here at InnoEnergy, you get a chance to work with the experts in top ranked universities of Europe.”

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