Courses and Syllabus

UniversityStudy YearCourse NameECTS CourseCourse TypeCourse Code
AGH2Technologies modelling2MandatorySTC-2-201-SF-s
AGH2Introduction to systems modelling5MandatorySTC-2-202-SF-s
AGH2Catalytic fuels technologies2MandatorySTC-2-203-SF-s
AGH2Energy and environment4MandatorySTC-2-205-SF-s
AGH2Prospects of the fuels and energy economy2MandatorySTC-2-206-SF-s
AGH2Energy policy4MandatorySTC-2-207-SF-s
AGH2Modelling of fuels and energy systems2MandatorySTC-2-208-SF-s
AGH2Fuel Chemistry2MandatorySTC-2-209-SF-s
AGH2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year7Mandatory
IST2Master Thesis in Energy Engineering and Management30MandatoryDEGE
IST2Biofuels6Elective Min. 23 ECTS Bioc
IST2Photovoltaic Solar Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS ESF
IST2Hydropower6Elective Min. 23 ECTS Hidroe
IST2Solar Thermal Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS EST
IST2Waste to Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS VER
IST2Decision Support Models6Elective Min. 23 ECTS MADec
IST2Offshore Wind Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS EEO
IST2Wave Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS Eond
IST2Marine Current & Tidal Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS ECMar
IST2Electrochemistry and Energy6Elective Min. 23 ECTS Eene
IST2Economics and Energy Markets6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EMEne
IST2Energy Management4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS GEne
IST2Decision Support Models6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS MADec
IST2Renewable Sources and Distributed Power Generation6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ERPD
IST2Renewable Energies4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ERen
IST2Master Thesis in Energy Engineering and Management30Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS DEGE
IST2Public Policies for Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS PPEne
IST2Analysis and Synthesis of Algorithms6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ASA
IST2Project Risk Evaluation and Management4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS AGRP
IST2Economics6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS Econ
IST2Fundamentals of Operations Research4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS FIO
IST2Marketing Management6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS GMar
IST2Commercial and Strategic Management6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS GECom
IST2Environmental Impacts4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS IA
IST2Natural and Technological Risks4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS RNT
IST2Industrial Safety and Health6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS SHI
IST2Embedded Computational Systems6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS SC
IST2Ambient Intelligence7.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS AI
IST2Environmental and Sustainability Challenges in Engineering1.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS DASE
IST2Engineering Economics6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EEco
IST2Innovation and Sustainable Development4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS IDS
IST2Technology Based Entrepreneurship6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EBT
IST2Biofuels6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS Bioc
IST2Photovoltaic Solar Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EST
IST2Solar Thermal Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ESF
IST2Hydropower6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS Hidroe
IST2Electrical Machines6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS MEle
IST2Electrochemistry and Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EEne
IST2Marine Current & Tidal Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ECMar
IST2Wave Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EOnd
IST2Offshore Wind Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS EEO
IST2Pump and Hydro Power Systems6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS SEH
IST2Turbomachinery6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS Tur
IST2Power System Network Analysis6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS ARed
IST2Power Electronics for Renewable Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS CCER
IST2Engineering Management Projects6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS GPE
IST2Logistics Management & Operations6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS GLO
IST2Energy Systems Optimization6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS OSE
IST2Air Pollution and Treatment of Gaseous Effluents4.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS PATEG
IST2Renewable Energy Resources6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS RER
IST2Industrial Processes Automation6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS APInd
IST2Project Appraisal6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS APro
IST2Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS DSEA
IST2Production and Demand of Electric Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS PCEEle
IST2Waste to Energy6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS VER
IST2Instrumentation and Measurement7.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS IM
IST2Fluid Mechanics I6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS MF-I
IST2Electric and Electromechanical Systems6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS SEE
IST2Combustion6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS C
IST2Electronic Fundamentals6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS FEle
IST2Hydraulics I6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS H-I
IST2Electrical and Servicing Systems7.5Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS RIE
IST2Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS TFT
IST2Transport Phenomena I6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS FT-I
IST2Energy and Mass Transfer6Elective Min. 4.5 ECTS TEMas
KTH1Energy efficiency and rational use of energy5MandatoryMJ2497
KTH1Energy resources5MandatoryMJ2498
KTH1Renewable energy technology I6MandatoryMJ2411
KTH1Environomical Pathways in Energy Systems6MandatoryMJ2414
KTH1Technological entrepreneurship/business plan and communication6MandatoryMJ2499
KTH1Project of the Year12MandatoryMJ2415
KTH1Microeconomics and energy markets5MandatoryMJ2416
KTH1Renewable energy technology II6MandatoryMJ2412
KTH1New Perspectives on Material Science and Technology4MandatoryMJ2417
KTH1Sustainable Energy and Environment5MandatoryMJ2418
KTH2Experimental Energy Technology8MandatoryMJ2495
KTH2Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Energy Technology6MandatoryMJ2496
KTH2Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Conversion7MandatoryMJ2493
KTH2Degree Project in Energy Technology, Second Cycle30MandatoryMJ218X
TU/e2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year7Mandatory
TU/e2Master Thesis45Mandatory
TU/e2System innovation: governance of transitions3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0C941
TU/e2From Industrial Ecology to Cradle- to Cradle3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0LM12
TU/e2Sustainable development, innovation and society3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0EM71
TU/e2Development theory, strategy and policy3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0N421
TU/e2Development patterns of energy systems4Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0C944
TU/e2Technology & the global economy3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 0EM93
TU/e2Thin film technologies for photovoltaics (practical)1Elective Min. 8 ECTS 3SE28
TU/e2Molecular Photophysics3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 3S350
TU/e2Organic Electronics4Elective Min. 8 ECTS 3S361
TU/e2Thermal energy storage2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 4P730
TU/e2Transport in porous media3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 3F250
TU/e2Micro- heat transfer3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 4P710
TU/e2Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 6EMA03
TU/e2Modeling of physical phenomena3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 4P560
TU/e2Statistical fluid mechanics & chaos3Elective Min. 8 ECTS 3T350
TU/e2Planning and Operation of Power Systems 5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 5MJ10
TU/e2Smart Grids through ICT5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 5P435
TU/e2Decentralized Power Generation and Active Distribution Networks5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 5XXX
TU/e2Power Quality PhenomenaElective Min. 8 ECTS 5P650
TU/e2Power System Analysis and Optimization5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 5XWA0
TU/e2Lighting Technology5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
TU/e2Intelligent Buildings5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
TU/e2Heat, Air & Moisture Transfer/CFD5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
TU/e2Sustainable Buildings/Physical Aspect Materials5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
TU/e2Building performance and energy systems simulation5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SE80
TU/e2Computational Modeling for Building Physics and Systems2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7S810
TU/e2Basic Building Performance Simulation2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7S820
TU/e2Heat, Air & Moisture Transfer/CFD2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
TU/e2Capita Selecta Architectural Building Materials2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7S910
TU/e2Capita Selecta Lighting Technology2.5Elective Min. 8 ECTS 7SXXX
UPC1Energy efficiency and rational use of energy5Mandatory
UPC1Energy resources5Mandatory
UPC1Renewable energy technology I6Mandatory
UPC1Environomical Pathways in Energy Systems3Mandatory
UPC1Technological entrepreneurship: business plan development6Mandatory
UPC1Project of the Year5Mandatory
UPC1Microeconomics and energy markets5Mandatory
UPC1Renewable energy technology II6Mandatory
UPC1Environomical Pathways in Energy Systems3Mandatory
UPC1New Perspectives on Material Science and Technology4Mandatory
UPC1Sustainable Energy and Environment5Mandatory
UPC1Project of the Year7Mandatory
UPC2Wind power5Elective820739
UPC2Solar photovoltaics5Elective820740
UPC2Photovoltaic devices5Elective820743
UPC2Solar thermal energy5Elective820744
UPC2Quality of Power Supply and Integration of Renewables in the Network5Elective820747
UPC2Hydrogen and fuel cells5Elective820748
UPC2Power electronics applied to distributed energy resources5Elective820750
UPC2Smart grids5Elective820755
UPC2Computational Methods in Energy Technology5Elective820757
UPC2Thermal and thermochemical energy storage5Elective820763
UPC2Thermal conditioning of buildings. Bioclimatic architecture5Elective820759
UPC2Master Thesis30Mandatory240SEL41
UPC2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year7Mandatory240SEL82

Year 2

Further in-depth knowledge is acquired during your second year via individually chosen focus areas plus related thesis work. These focus areas are:

  • Solar Systems (UPC)
  • Polygeneration (KTH)
  • Offshore Energy Systems (IST)
  • Sustainable Fuels Economy (AGH)
  • Innovation in Energy Systems (TU/e)

The list of courses on this page are examples of possible courses you may be taking in this programme. The universities providing the courses reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule any of their courses.