Competencies and Career

As a graduate of this programme, you will have developed many transferable skills to apply in the energy industry. You will also be in a strong position to pursue a career in the renewable energy sector or establish your own innovative business thanks to the strong leadership abilities you have gained at the programme. Many opportunities in advanced research, innovation and industrial management in both the public and the private sector will also open up.

Competencies Obtained

On successful completion of this programme, it is expected that the students will be able to:

Show broad knowledge and understanding about sustainable energy systems, energy sources and usage, and be able to judge the technical, economical, social, and environmentally-related consequences related to different energy utilization processes.

Show a broad knowledge of renewable energy technologies, energy management, planning, economy and markets, cutting-edge research and innovation methods, new venture creation and growth, and business management.

Be a competent problem-solver, showing good ability to analyze, formulate and manage the technical problems from a system perspective, with a holistic view of their life cycle, from concept/requirements to specification, development, operation and decommissioning, and have the ability to set limits, determine the necessary resource usage and manage processes for problem solving/realization related to energy conversion, transportation, storage and utilization processes.

Possess individual and professional skills like languages, leadership, project management, team working, business management, and communication for work in cross-disciplinary teams, as an engineer in a leadership role or as a leader in a technical intensive company, or be able to continue towards a research career.

Show good ability to think beyond boundaries and systematically explore/generate new ideas, transform practical experiences into research challenges, use knowledge, ideas or technologies to create new or significantly improved products, services, processes or policies or new business models, and transform innovations into feasible business solutions.

Be able to design a preliminary business plan for an innovation in the renewable energy field, including the assessment of IP-value and market potential while identifying needs for commercializing the innovation.

See more details in the programme booklet attached to this page.

Career Opportunities

As an MSc RENE graduate, you are highly eligible for many career paths in the renewable energy sector. You are employable within a wide range of industries and are well equipped to start your own innovative business or provide strong leadership in many areas.

Thanks to the strong partnership between universities, innovation centres and energy companies, you can pursue many opportunities; advanced research and innovation, industrial management, and designing and implementing strategic energy policies for the public and private sector.

MSc RENE graduate Mercè: "We cannot behave like isolated countries"

Mercè Labordena graduated from MSc RENE is currently doing her PhD at ETH, the technical university in Zürich, Switzerland. With a background in industrial design and engineering, she had a broad base of knowledge, which she has combined with her studies on renewable energy production at KIC InnoEnergy Master School.