Competencies and Career

Competencies Obtained

Students who successfully complet ENTECH will acquire a wide range of basic engineering skills in the field of energy technologies. A key competence of  this programme is the ability to recognise interdisciplinary problems and challenges and to approach them with innovative solutions. Thanks to our collaboration withthe industrial partners of the universities, graduates are particularly qualified to develop innovations, both on their own,as members of interdisciplinary teams and in cooperation with business partners with the focus of converting  inventions into innovations. Students will be quick to recognise new market trends and will have the knowledge to occupy and maintain their position through innovative ideas and projects of their own.

Career Opportunities

MSc ENTECH offers  its graduates many career opportunities. You may choose further research and a doctorate degree, or reap the benefits of your profound engineering skills and knowledge directly within the industry. In each case, you will capitalise on the numerous industry contacts and experiences gathered throughout your studies. Employers from industry and research institutions alike will certainly appreciate your additional entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, the knowledge you will gain from studying the business creation processes will  make it easier for you  to enter the labour market as a future entrepreneur.