Competencies and Career

Competencies Obtained

As a MSc Energy for Smart Cities graduate engineer, you will have acquired the capabilities to participate in state-of-the-art design, control and operation of energy (conversion) systems in a smart city context. Firstly, you will attain active knowledge of all basic aspects and methods of energy conversion and rational energy usage, and you will be able to apply this know-how in a creative way. Secondly, you will learn the necessary skills and techniques to progress further in this field.

You will also have the opportunity to master skills outside of the technical field. For example, you will learn how to present ideas in a structured way and communicate them to others orally or in writing, even to non-technical audiences. Finally, you will learn how to present problems and tasks in a wider socio-economical context, a much needed skill today, since energy is a keystone of our society.

By enrolling in our MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme, you’ll improve your knowledge in electrical energy processing, mechanical technology and applied thermodynamics. You will also benefit from:

  • Skills in using electrical and mechanical energy systems;
  • Skills in proposing novel solutions;
  • An open analytical, synthetic problem-solving mind;
  • A scientific education that allows participation in scientific research;
  • Executive and controlling capacities thanks to skills in knowledge transition (entrepreneurial skills), social capacities, and insights into ethical, social and economic frameworks;
  • The skill to independently gather new insights, methodologies and results within the discipline and to apply these in a research or professional context;
  • The skill to critically follow the social role of the engineer.

Career Opportunities

After completing MSc Energy for Smart Cities, you will be equipped to work with different stakeholders in the energy and smart city domain whether that be with industry, network operators, regulators, developers or government. Research, design, operational and management careers will all be within your reach. With our programme’s built-in entrepreneurial elements, starting your own company is also an option.

Career opportunities include:

  • Transmission system operators
  • Distribution system operators
  • Electricity suppliers
  • Chemical companies
  • Technology research institutes
  • Technical competence centres
  • International energy and services businesses
  • City infrastructure companies