Financing your education


Programme costs

The participation fee for students in intake 2019 is €15,000 per year.

The fee covers:

  • All tuition at both of your chosen universities
  • Your participation in business, entrepreneurial and innovation courses at our partner business schools
  • All costs related to InnoEnergy events that are an integral part of your programme’s curriculum (including any travel and accommodation costs)
  • Unique Game – changing Impact Programme: six individual and group coachingsessions where you will be taught how to make a game changing impact and know which career will fit best to your qualities and strengths. You will develop the skills needed for your future career.
  • You will have access to a unique pedagogy, with our own products like the Challenge-Driven education, Engineering & Business Case®, in cooperation with Harvard, MIT and Aalborg
    Other innovative pedagogies are the Innovation Journey and the Open Space Studio.
  • Intensive collaboration with industry: Industry Innovation Projects, study visits.
  • Career support by the Career Centre: more than 200 career opportunities being offered per year.

The fee does not cover:

  • Travel from your home to and from your first-year and second-year universities
  • Your living expenses. These depend very much on location and personal preference. As a rough estimate we suggest €750 per month to cover housing, food, books, travel, and personal expenses.

Financing your studies through Erasmus+ 

Erasmus+ study loans have been created by the European Commission to make it easier to study a full degree programme abroad.

All our Master’s programmes take place in an Erasmus+ programme country. Certain students may therefore apply for an EU-guaranteed Erasmus+ study loans at a bank in their home country.

Currently the Erasmus+ scheme is available through universities and banks in Spain, France, UK and Turkey for outgoing students from these countries who are pursuing postgraduate study abroad; and to students from other programme countries going to Spain or the UK for a Master’s course. More information on Erasmus+ loans is available here.

Please note: the Erasmus+ study loan programme is not financed or organised by InnoEnergy.

Local funding & scholarship opportunities

InnoEnergy encourages you to search for local loan providers in your home country in case you need additional funding to support your studies. Institutions such as support local students with financing their studies abroad through loans and/or scholarships:

Australia: OS-Help
Chile: BECAS Chile 
Costa Rica: CONAPE
France:  Service Public
Indonesia: LPDP
Italy: SELLA
Hungary: Diakhitel
Spain Basque Country: Bizkaia Catedra
Sweden: Swedish Institute
Taiwan:  Youth Development Administration Programme
The Netherlands: DUO, Muller Fonds

Students from India have access to various loan providers in their home country, check this article for more information.

Studyportals lists a number of scholarships available for various programmes here.

European Funding Guide offers a funding guide guide per EU country.

In addition, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership offers scholarships of up to $ 23.000 for exceptional students from developing countries studying Master’s  programmes in sustainable energy topics (Application deadline for 2019 intake is 8 March, 2019). When applying for the scholarship, please mention as the programme name InnoEnergy MSc in XXX, e.g. InnoEnergy MSc in Energy for Smart Cities.

Scholarships from InnoEnergy

You may apply for a scholarship when you apply for your chosen Master’s programmes. InnoEnergy offers various scholarship to top talents based on a combination of academic skills (such as past performance, quality of previous education and university), professional background and affinity with innovation and entrepreneurship. For the 2019 intake, the following scholarships are available for successful applicants of any of our Master’s programmes:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships (top students in ranking list): fee waiver of € 15.000 + a monthly allowance of up to €750 for a maximum of 24 months*
  • Energy Impact Scholarships: fee waivers of €15.000

Exclusive opportunity for 2019 intake: all students who are applying to the Master’s in Energy Transition as first priority and who are admitted to the programme will be granted a tuition fee waiver (scholarship) worth €7.000 per year.

If you secure a scholarship that does not offer a monthly allowance, you must make sure you have enough funds to cover your living costs during your time at the InnoEnergy Master’s School.

How to apply for a scholarship. When applying for one of our Master’s programmes, please tick the appropriate box in the application form and submit the link to a short motivation video (maximum 90 seconds), explaining why you should be awarded a scholarship based on your ideas for or experience with innovation and entrepreneurship in the sustainable energy sector. Scholarships can only be awarded to applicants to InnoEnergy Master’s programmes. It is not possible to apply for an InnoEnergy scholarship when you are already enrolled in an InnoEnergy Master’s programme.

You may only apply for and be awarded a scholarship for the first priority programme you apply for.

Please note: scholarships are only available when you apply in application round 0 or 1.

Who gets a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded only to the highest ranking applicants on each programme. Scholarships can be awarded based on academic criteria (such as past performance, quality of previous education and university), or ideas for or experience with innovation and entrepreneurship. Decisions about scholarships are final and cannot be appealed.

Scholarship amounts. The amount of funding available for scholarships depends on the budget available for each programme. They may therefore vary each year.

Please note: It is not possible to appeal decisions regarding scholarships, and the selection results (ranking) do not constitute grounds for an appeal.

It is not possible to transfer an InnoEnergy Master’s School scholarship to another InnoEnergy programme or to a non-InnoEnergy programme.

Code of conduct. All students, including those in receipt of an InnoEnergy scholarship, agree to the terms of the . Any breaches of the code of conduct may result in the student agreement being dissolved.

Students can find other ways to finance their participation in the InnoEnergy Master’s School through the scholarship portal.

*Conditions apply.