3. Fill in the online application form

Please ensure you have read the admissions criteria, and prepared your documents before preparing your application.

Before you start the online application form, please note the following:

  • Check out this “How to apply” tutorial
  • Please clear your browsing history each time you open the application form.
  • Please prepare the required documents in advance as it is not possible to save your form as you progress.
  • When supplying translated versions of your documents, please ensure that the original and the translation are combined in a single pdf file. You can create pdfs online here.
  • The upload limit for each file is 2MB.
  • If you have problems when uploading the documents, please clear your browsing history and continue with the application form, or start the application form in another browser.
  • You may apply to up to two InnoEnergy Master’s School programmes, but you can submit only one application to each of your chosen programmes. If you apply more than once, only your last application will be considered valid.


The InnoEnergy Master’s School Online Application Form

When you have prepared your documents, you can begin completing the online application form. You will be asked for:

  • Your personal details
  • Your preferred study options (your first and second choice of InnoEnergy Master’s programmes, and, depending on the programme, your preferred first-year university, for MSc SELECT, MSc SENSE and MSc Energy for Smart Cities also your preferred second-year university)
  • Your educational background
  • Your English proficiency
  • Your reasons for applying, and your experiences with innovation and entrepreneurship. This should include:
    • Please motivate in a few words why you should be accepted to a InnoEnergy programme (maximum 250 characters, including spaces)
    • Where do you see your career starting once you complete an InnoEnergy Master’s programme and how has your career progressed five years after graduation? (maximum 400 characters, including spaces)
    • Drawing from your life at college, work or leisure, describe an experience of being involved in a change project. What was it and what did you bring to it? What would others have noticed and valued about your contribution? (maximum 1000 characters, including spaces)
    • What is your ONE main personal driver for working hard and accomplishing something new day-to-day? (maximum 150 characters)
    • Please give a brief account of the energy challenge you prioritize most highly in the world (maximum 500 characters)
    • Please share some of your innovative intentions for the energy field (maximum 500 characters)
  • Agreement to the terms of the KIC InnoEnergy SE Student Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy


Confirmation document

After submitting the online application form, you will get a confirmation email with your application number. You will need to use this number in any further correspondence with the InnoEnergy Admissions Office.

Please check your spam folder as the confirmation mail may be there. And if you have checked your spam folder and you have not received the confirmation e-mail, please contact the InnoEnergy Admissions Office at admissionsoffice@innoenergy.com