Why choose InnoEnergy Master’s School?

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Our unique programmes combine the technical skills you need in energy engineering with study at top European universities, as well as offering courses in entrepreneurship and business.

Let our current students and recent graduates tell you what they think about the InnoEnergy Master´s School.

Be at the heart of Europe’s sustainable energy revolution by choosing InnoEnergy Master´s School.

• Over 93% of InnoEnergy Master´s School graduates get a job within 6 months of graduating
• Build your industry networks across Europe with unparalleled links with top European energy companies

“The opportunities that InnoEnergy gives us are hard to quantify: we meet companies and start-ups, we exchange ideas and cooperate with hundreds of other people with the same goals in life, we develop business knowledge and soft skills that normal engineering degrees would never support you to do. InnoEnergy doesn’t just support us, it encourages us to think outside of the box, to believe in our ideas and fight for them. In the past year and a half I’ve met some of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life’ – Federica, MSc RENE

“As part of the course we got access to senior leaders from some of Europe’s leading energy companies. We were able to attend presentations and networking sessions with the top guys at InnoEnergy’s partner companies, such as Total, EDF and Areva. I don’t think any other course could offer these close links with these really big companies – I made some great contacts’ – Nathan, MSc RENE

Develop your creative engineering skills, alongside study in business, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

• Each of InnoEnergy’s programs include ‘added value’ activities that can’t be found in any other program, such as summer schools, study visits, guest lectures and internships with the leading names in European energy.

“Too many times innovations die in the labs. I choose InnoEnergy because it combines technology innovation with the entrepreneurial culture necessary to bring solutions to the market”. Enrico, MSc RENE

Study at two different top-class universities across Europe, and achieve a double degree, whilst getting the skills needed to engineer a sustainable energy future.

“I think that studying in two different locations has many advantages: experiencing different teaching approaches, learning different languages, meeting more people, discovering different cultures and of course, achieving two masters degrees in two years.” Federica, MSc RENE

Take advantage of unique added value activities in entrepreneurship and innovation at Europe’s top business schools.

Take courses in entrepreneurship and innovation at respected business schools such as ESADE (Barcelona) and Grenoble Ecole de Management, all as part of the Master School.

“My experience was amazing. The ESADE Summer School is incredible, a real life changer. The journey during the first year is spectacular, and the connections inside my programmes helping me to find the internship for my Thesis. I would choose it ten times again!” Enrico – MSc RENE


Build your network in sustainable energy in Europe and across the globe

• By being a part of the InnoEnergy community you get access to an unrivalled network of alumni, start-ups, entrepreneurs, researchers and partners who can offer support throughout your degree and future career.

“I was always interested in entrepreneurship and InnoEnergy not only gave me a great education in this but also provided me with a vast network of people, which is always really helpful for a start-up” – Govinda, MSc SELECT

“It was a once in a lifetime experience. Having a program that can completely revolutionise the way you think is a great success. The entrepreneurial mindset, the business approach, the common value creation principle and the never ending learning is something that stays with you until the end of your life. These programmes change people, not just CV’s” – Dimitris, MSc RENE

Exceptional students can also qualify for scholarships to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Our Innovative Graduates

Read about what some of our graduates are doing after graduation. Their studies at our Master School for example led to selling solar home systems in rural Africa, working with strategy at an innovation department or doing a PhD focused on concentrated solar power. Where are you aiming after graduation?

Our Students

Smart Cities or Wave Power? Smart grids or environmentally-friendly fuels? Whatever your special interest in sustainable energy, you’ll find your peers at KIC InnoEnergy Master School. Join us and find out how to make business while saving the environment.