This year the InnoEnergy Career Centre has launched the Game-Changing Impact Programme (GCIP) for our 2017-2018 Master’s School student intake. We’re extremely excited to be able to announce our 2018 #InnoVoice bloggers. We’re teaming up with six InnoEnergy students, who’ll be bringing you fascinating insights into the world of the InnoEnergy Game-Changing Impact Programme over the next 18 months.

Stefano Rosso

Stefano is studying MSc SELECT, at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya –BarcelonaTech, Spain. He says, “The programme itself has exceeded my expectations in a big way. All of the lectures and staff both at the University and InnoEnergy treat us like adults and there’s a real focus on equipping us for the future.”

Onyebuchi Ofili

Onyebuchi Ofili is studying MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. She says, “Growing up in Nigeria, a country known for crude oil exploitation, I have seen the negative impact oil exploitation is having on people first hand. It deprives so many people of their natural environment and traditional lifestyle. I want to broaden my skills so that I can help instigate change and ultimately limit the negative impact energy sources, like oil, is having on the environment.”

Gilda Miranda

Gilda is studying MSc ENTECH at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa She says, “Having access to and being able to work with such a diverse mix of cultures, sharing real life experiences across cultures, is really opening my eyes to different views and thinking.”

Farhan Farrukh

Farhan is studying MSc Energy for Smart Cities, at Leuven, Belgium. He says, “At the very beginning of the programme I was thinking about working more in the technology sector but as things move on in the Master’s programme I see many opportunities. Working with people who are really experienced and have achieved great things in their own field is opening my mind to the possibilities.”

Agnes Welsz

Agnes is studying MSc SENSE at Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. She says, “InnoEnergy has inspired me. I thought I’d just go into industry after completing my Masters but my mind has been open to new possibilities. I now believe it is possible to start-up a business now or go into education and these were options I’d simply disregarded before.”

Samuel Akpobome

Samuel is studying MSc SENSE at Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He says, “Having worked for three years as a power plant maintenance and operations engineer, in Nigeria, I was hungry to learn more. I wanted something that would teach me about technology now but also technology for the future. The InnoEnergy Masters programme seemed like the perfect fit because it is so future focused and linked to industry.”