The PV Game. Discover solar photovoltaics: technology, markets, future challenges and business models

In brief: This online learning-by-doing course will equip you with qualified knowledge and a holistic view of the PV sector. By providing a global vision of the drivers influencing the PV business, it enables you to identify and act on the ‘game-changing’ opportunities the market offers.

Content: PV technology is growing strongly and will have a long-term impact on our energy system as a whole, bringing future challenges, transforming traditional business models and empowering the end customer. With the help of actual business case studies of PV development projects, this course explains these challenges, anticipates coming changes and identifies business opportunities. All content is provided through a series of short video lectures.

By the end of the course, you will be able to analyse concrete business cases and understand market dynamics and key regulatory models. You will also be able to explore the main trends in PV technology and its financing, and have a solid grasp of PV installation and day-to-day operation.

Target group: Individuals interested in solar PV and professionals potentially moving towards positions in the PV business. No technical or specific PV knowledge is needed, but a basic understanding of the energy sector is a plus, as are basic maths skills. Good English and/or Spanish proficiency is also required.

Duration: The course has a six-week duration. It is run by KIC InnoEnergy in collaboration with Enerclub (Club Español de la Energía). No classroom teaching is involved.

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