MOOC Power Up: English for the Energy Transition

In brief: This course equips you with a correct and up-to-date vocabulary of the energy world, particularly topics connected to the energy transition. It thereby enables you to better participate in and lead discussions about the energy sources of the future.

Content: Climate change and the shortage of fossil resources inevitably lead to discussions about future energy supply on local and global levels as well as in professional and private contexts. This course teaches you the most important vocabulary covering these issues so that you can talk confidently about energy transition and seek viable solutions. It does not provide a deep insight into the technical terminology of, for example, a power plant.

Target group: This course is aimed at professionals and students with previous knowledge of English interested in refreshing their language skills and learning the most important vocabulary of the energy world. It is especially suitable if you want to advance your international career in the energy sector, or simply brush up your language skills before joining our Energy English course.

Duration: The MOOC has a six-week duration and runs on No attendance is required.

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