MOOC Idea Generation Methods

In brief: MOOC Idea Generation Methods explains techniques that will improve your skills in the goal and process-oriented generation of ideas, often regarded as the ‘fuzzy’ front end of the innovation process.

Content: The course teaches broadly diversified knowledge of the methods used in idea generation. It discusses topics such as innovation and idea generation from a practical point of view and offers you the opportunity to work on specific innovation topics in the area of sustainable energy. You will be able to understand and apply methods of idea generation, e.g. Mind-mapping & Clustering, 6-3-5, World Cafe & DeBono Hats, Concept Mapping, Scenario Techniques (e.g. STEEP), Road-mapping and many more, on any self-chosen topic in a structured process.

Target group: No prior knowledge is necessary. You just need to be curious about Idea Generation Methods and have an interesting topic you would like to develop further.

Duration: The MOOC has a seven-week duration and runs on No attendance is required.

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