Energy English

In brief: You learn the specific English terminology used in the energy sector together with business English. This combination lets you explore both technological and commercial issues in the English language in much greater depth than that taught in the MOOC “Power Up: English for the Energy Transition” course.

Content: The course teaches how to write English business e-mails and letters as well as academic essays on energy topics. Actively participating in negotiations and meetings and giving vivid and effective presentations in English is also covered. Equally important is the necessary background knowledge of social customs and manners deemed appropriate in Anglo-Saxon countries as well as in communication on a global level.

Target group: This course is especially suitable if you are already pursuing a career in the energy sector (or plan to start one) and wish to communicate more effectively with your international business partners. It will also suit those interested in energy topics who wish to update and refine their English language skills.

Duration: The duration of the course is six months. It is mostly delivered online but some face-to-face components will require attendance.

Application for this course is now open.


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