Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents

In brief: SMEs, universities, research centres and individuals will learn how to maximise the results of their R&D projects as well as identify, analyse, manage and valorise the full potential of their IP assets.

Content: Patents, patentability and patent infringement, competitive intelligence, and IP commercialisation form the cornerstones of this online course. As well as teaching basic patent skills and intelligence gathering, it provides valuable know-how in managing a patent portfolio, including technology valorisation, transfer mechanisms, license agreements and spinning out.
By the end of the course, you will know how to protect your technology through IP and access critical information that will improve your decision-making. Having a better understanding of the true potential and value of your IP assets helps you optimise their transfer to the market.

Target group: Anyone interested in IP and tech transfer activities, e.g. entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and teams in innovation departments. SMEs and university researchers should find the course especially instructive. No previous IP knowledge is needed.

Duration: The course, which is given by academic institutes together with commercial patent attorneys, has a
12-week duration. The time required is 2 to 3 hours per week. No classroom teaching is involved.

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