Professional online learning

Gearing up for the energy transition highlights the growing need for people skilled in the latest technology solutions and their social implications. Gain a greater insight into both and improve your career prospects with the help of our tailor-made courses. Join us and make it happen!

Needs-based education for ambitious energy professionals

We offer a range of professional learning courses that broaden your career horizon to encompass exciting new opportunities in the energy field. The two formats available are blended learning (combining online elements with class attendance and face-to-face interaction) and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) based purely on open Internet platforms. Both provide state-of-the-art knowledge of high practical relevance.

Designed for modern careers and life styles, InnoEnergy Professional Learning:

  • Fits easily around your job and family life: learning any time, any place.
  • Delivers short-duration learning packages focused on your needs and interests.
  • Advances your professional career by giving you the cutting-edge scientific knowledge that today’s job market demands.
  • Builds your network by helping you make new Europe-wide contacts, going on exciting field trips, and meeting our energy experts.

iSE - The Institute of Sustainable Energy

Through our professional courses, The Institute of Sustainable Energy will help learners advance their careers, as well as providing resources for companies that want to support continual learning for their workforce.

By signing up to our online portal today you can take professional online courses from inspiring professors and industry experts, which will help to advance your knowledge in the fields of sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Power Up:  English for the Energy Transition

This course equips you with a correct and up-to-date vocabulary of the energy world, particularly topics connected to the energy transition. It thereby enables you to better participate in and lead discussions about the energy sources of the future.

Go Solar PV!

Explore the PV business and expand your professional options

Want to understand the potential of PV to shape the future of energy? Explore the technical challenges and commercial possibilities with the Go Solar PV! online course. Gain unparalleled insight from industry leaders and expand your professional options.

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is booming. Yet real challenges remain – how to integrate new energy sources into global energy solutions, for example. Solving them requires new skills and training, especially at executive levels. Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy provides today’s technical and business professionals with both.

Off Grid renewable energy systems

Towards reliable, sustainable power for the global community

Find out how renewable, off-grid systems can transform lives in the world’s poorest countries and remotest communities. Assess the economics, the technologies, and the critical factors for successful implementation – all while building your own dynamic network of committed and engaged professionals.

Energy Efficiency for Better Buildings

Unlock the energy-saving potential of your buildings

Expert insight. Specialist tuition. Case-based study. The online Energy Efficiency for Better Buildings course is the MOOC you need to develop effective energy management and energy efficiency strategies for your premises. Find out how you can reduce energy consumption, cut energy bills and value to your organisation – and expand your professional options