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The InnoEnergy Career Centre provides a total career offering to all of our students, directing them towards the right professional career, and facilitates a unique relationship between student, the energy industry and research centres.  We nurture our students and graduates as they forge a path from learning and education, to leading roles in the energy workplace.

Through the InnoEnergy Career Centre, we help our students develop the key innovation and entrepreneurial skills that every employer is looking for by:

  • Developing a unique relationship between our students, the energy industry and research centres
  • Directing students towards the right professional career where they can make an impact
  • Maintaining active links between students and alumni, encouraging further networking
  • Organising special activities that give support to all students and graduates, helping make a smooth transition into the labour market

We are therefore able to feed the market with a new wave of talent that is equipped with the relevant skills to make a game changing impact.

Our students are able to learn in a multi-cultural environment, and with an elite group of peers. Through our InnoEnergy Community, we develop rewarding, on-going relationships between students and our 350+ partner organisations from the energy industry, including entrepreneurs and start-ups, and with research centres. We are able to connect the brightest minds with the organisations offering the brightest futures, looking for talent with their specialist skills and qualities.

The InnoEnergy Game Changing Impact Programme is dedicated to developing and preparing hundreds of Europe’s top Engineering Masters Students from Europe’s leading Universities to maximise the impact and contribution they can make to the future of the Energy Industry.  Through the Game Changing Impact Programme we equip students to understand how to make a game changing contribution to an organisation, at the same time as realising their career ambitions in the energy sector. Our philosophy is that not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a game changing impact.  Our programme helps participants to understand how you can make a game changing impact to a team, company or the entire industry.

Our Game Changing Impact Programme and careers services help students to find a career that fits their qualities, capabilities, skills and interests in sustainable energy, in the shortest time possible.   We provide dedicated career support with advice, coaching and networking to ensure students’ technical talents are paired with industrial insights that will enable them to maximise their contribution to the future of energy.

The Career Centre shares vacancies with other full members of the InnoEnergy network on the CommUnity platform. Only full members who have created a platform account can access the following link. If your company wishes to post a vacancy in the Career Centre, please contact Marloes.

Services for Students

The main objective of the Career Centre is to ensure a smooth transition of graduates from education into employment. Our office helps all students and graduates to prepare their careers so they know how to find interesting jobs, internships and thesis placements within the energy industry. Find out more about the services our Career Centre offers on these pages.

Services for Employers

The purpose of the Career Centre is to provide students with networking opportunities with industry professionals and obtain high-quality internships and full-time positions within the energy industry. Our office also helps assisting employers in coordinating the successful recruitment of InnoEnergy students and alumni.


We’re extremely excited to be able to announce our 2018 #InnoVoice bloggers. We’re teaming up with six InnoEnergy students, who’ll be bringing you fascinating insights into the world of the InnoEnergy Game-Changing Impact Programme over the next 18 months.


Get in touch with the Career Centre if you have any questions about job coaching, possibilities for employers, events or other questions.