ecoligo wins Georg Salvamoser Prize for pioneering Solar-As-A-Service solution in the Global South

Georg Salvamoser Preis ©Triolog

Our portfolio start-up ecoligo has been awarded the Georg Salvamoser Prize for its groundbreaking approach to accelerating energy system transformation in the global South. At the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, the solar company was awarded the prize worth 10,000 euros. The award is one of the most recent successes of the Berlin start-up, which offers a fully financed Solar-as-a-Service solution for companies in developing and emerging countries.

The prize is dedicated to the Freiburg solar pioneer Georg Salvamoser (1950 -2009), who supported a 100 percent supply from renewable energies throughout his life and, among other things, founded the Freiburg Solar-Fabrik.

In addition to the Georg Salvamoser Prize, ecoligo was already awarded the German Entrepreneurial Prize for Development in February this year for its impact-oriented business model. The award recognizes ecoligo’s commitment to local economic development and its contribution to the goals of sustainable development (SDGs). ecoligo is currently active in Ghana, Kenya and Costa Rica with its Solar-as-a-Service approach and is driving the energy revolution in these countries.

Markus Schwaninger, CFO of ecoligo, said:
Georg Salvamoser was not only a pioneer in solar energy, but also in alternative financing: as early as 1996, he financed Freiburg’s Solar-Fabrik with the help of 110 private individuals, without banks or subsidies. He demonstrated the innovative power of crowdfunding long before crowdfunding became the flourishing digital market it is today. We are honored to receive this award and to continue Mr. Salvamoser’s legacy.