ecoligo launches a new crowdfunding project in Kenya

Our start up ecoligo launched their third Crowdfunding campaign in order to finance two solar energy systems for the Bondet Farm in Kenya. The farm is located at the bottom of Mount Kenya, in Nanyuki, and employs over 1300 people. By financing the project via its crowd investing platform, ecoligo closes the finance gap while providing attractive returns to private investors.

Once the solar energy systems are built, the farm will be able to receive solar energy at a lower cost than from the national grid, which supports the economic development of the company and reduces CO2.

The project will be managed from ecoligo’s partner in Kenya – Ariya Leasing, who provides the investment in form of a loan. The loan will be repaid in Euros so the project holds no currency risk. The crowd investors will be repaid over 5 years at an interest rate of 5,5% p.a. and can invest from €500 onwards.

The first two Crowdfunding campaigns were reached after six and fourteen days and both are successfully installed.

For the current campaign they need to reach 144.000€ by 21 August. If you want to make investments that matter or would like to explore opportunities to partner with ecoligo in emerging markets, click here.

Ecoligo is a solar utility that provides low-cost solar energy to businesses in emerging markets. By financing the solar energy generating projects through a crowd investing platform, it closes the finance gap that prevents these projects from being realised.