Assess the chances of start-up success


E2Talent® measures the entrepreneurial skills of individuals and team dynamics within a start-up, evaluating their potential of success and ultimately supporting the decision-making process for VC Companies and accelerators.



A start-up’s success – or failure – has a lot to do with its people. An entrepreneur’s ‘soft’ skills play an equally important role as the technology or business strategy. Yet, the impact of entrepreneurship skills on the life of a new start-up is often underestimated, and because there are no tools on the market to assess these skills in a scientific way, more often than not, the team assessment is based on a mere gut feeling.



E2Talent® proposes a set of tools to measure skills such as performance expectations, adaptability, and capacity, through a series of surveys and simulations.

Eighteen distinct key skill sets can be identified, all of which have been proven to predict the success of a start-up.  

In addition, E2Talent® enables you to assess key aspects of team dynamics which are crucial to the development of a start-up, such as the leadership dynamics within the team, how they solve problems, complementarity of skills and missing competencies within the team. The results can then be used to build a competency improvement plan.

E2Talent® can also alert you about potentially incompatible team members or those who may struggle to be coached.



  • Rigorous: E2Talent®is based on the research work of renowned entrepreneurship experts Richard Boyatzis, Robert Emmerling, and Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet. It was developed using a rigorous research protocol to identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and pinpoint how they are different from those who are unsuccessful or not an entrepreneur at all.
  • Robust: E2Talent® measurements are taken using three different instruments: biographical and personality questionnaires; an online in-basket job simulation; and a structured interview. The data are then cross-validated for particularly robust results.
  • For individuals and teams

Contact details: alberto.gonzalez@innoenergy.com


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