Dracula Technologies, one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deep tech start-ups worldwide

Dracula Technologies, a graduate start-up from the Highway® programme, has been selected as part of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deep-tech startups worldwide.

More than 3 000 startup worldwide were in competition for the Hello Tomorrow Challenge — a different kind of start-up competition that was designed to answer the needs of deep tech entrepreneurs. The event aims at accelerating the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions by highlighting, empowering and connecting the most promising deep-tech entrepreneurs across the globe with the right enablers. Thanks to the LAYER® technology, Dracula Technologies qualified in the “energy transition” track.

LAYER®, Light As Your Energetic Response, is an innovative technology developed by Dracula Technologies, that traps light in order to convert it into energy.

As finalists of the top 500 startup, Dracula Technologies will attend the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris.