Dive into photovoltaics: The 3rd edition of the PV Game is here!

After the success of the first two rounds, InnoEnergy is launching the 3rd edition of this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The PV Game is an engaging 6-week course launched on iSE which is our “Professional online learning” platform. It allows students to discover all about solar photovoltaics – technology, markets, future challenges and business models – learning via the most effective method… by doing!

PV technology is a rapidly growing industry that will have a huge impact on our energy system. This online course was designed to equip you with not only the qualified knowledge, but also a holistic view of the PV sector. Get hands-on experience with real life business cases – and develop the global vision needed to understand challenges, anticipate changes and ultimately identify and act on “game-changing’ opportunities in the market.

Proven Track Record

Feedback from the widely diverse student base has been overwhelming positive across the board. Participants felt the course was interesting and motivating. They found it well organised and easy to follow, with clearly defined goals.  Interestingly, with over 90% of the students already employed – they reported the course to be of direct use in their professional careers. However, what speaks the highest is the fact that 92% would recommend this course to a friend. The numbers don’t lie! Neither do the students:

“The market, business, management perspective, and the regulation. Overall, I’d say the most valuable is the 360 degrees perspective on the PV field.”

“Renewable energies are the big players in the future of the utilities. Although I’m working in a more business-oriented unit within my company I definitely need to know the products I have to deal with. This has been a perfect course to do so.”

“It is highly professional, useful and led by a well-known organisation.”

Be part of the change!

 Guided by leading industry professionals in both business and technology, participants will learn how to analyse concrete business cases, to understand market dynamics and key regulatory models. They will also explore the main trends in PV technology and its financing, gaining a solid grasp of PV installation and day-to-day operations. Considering that PV technology is one of the key pillars for climate mitigation – and the inherent huge market potential that this brings – this is a smart field to dive into. And this is the perfect course to dive in with. Quality courses such as the PV Game are the reason InnoEnergy is in the forefront of education.

Find our more about this MOOC and register here.