Co-creation – A new element within the Open Space Studio

Students from KIC InnoEnergy’s Master School Programme Energy Technologies (ENTECH) got to experience their first co-creation process with a real project.

Co-creation in this case was used as a method for working together on one challenging question in the field of sustainable energy with the goal of finding marketable solutions. Students performed this co-creation process together with leaders of energy businesses and experienced coaches. We’ve interviewed some of them during this process to get their first-hand impressions.

The video was shot during the Summer Atelier, held from 29 June till 5 July in a lovingly renovated old farm house Hitdorf am Rhein (Germany).

The first days of the Summer Atelier prepared students for a very intensive, co-creative work together with academic and industry partners. We invited Het EnergieBureau, Energy 2020, Celsius and TU Eindhoven to share their RENOLUTION project with the ENTECH students and other industry guests – e.g. from Total France – facilitated by our coaches Vittoria Piattelli and Matthew Clarke.

RENOLUTION offers a unique solution for renovating houses in a very energy efficient way. Serge van den Berg and Sander van der Wel came up with this idea but until now they did not find a solution on “How do we bring RENOLUTION to market as a one-stop-shop that best supports the EU’s Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) agenda”.

This overall question was solved by a highly interested and motivated team during two days. The results were more than satisfying for everyone participating. Justus Boeckheler, the former Vice President of BASF, and Nienke Vording from TU Eindhoven agreed afterwards that usually one only learns all this after many years in the job, but not during one’s studies.

This co-creation process constitutes an important element of the Open Space Studio, an accompanied programme for ENTECH students on personal and professional development to pave the path for them to become Game Changers.