Clean energy innovator? Get investment that’s not just financial

Taking a clean energy idea from a light bulb moment to, well, a powering-the-light bulb moment takes money. Sometimes quite a bit of it. But financial investment alone won’t get you there. Too often, promising ideas falter because they’ve got money, but no broader support.

Innovation needs investment. But if you’re measuring investment solely in euro, dollar and pound signs, then you’re thinking too narrowly. At InnoEnergy, we think investment means more. To us, it means:

Investing in a relationship

InnoEnergy acts like a partner, not a part-owner. We provide services and expertise to projects where they might not have the resources themselves. Experience in managing complex projects and intellectual property; expertise in market analysis of business models and industrialisation; marketing and sales knowledge – whatever is needed to achieve success together.

Investing in a network

We have a Europe-wide network of partners – more than 250 of them – representing the best of industry, research institutes and universities. They support product development with their experience and knowledge, and act as commercialising partners and first customers where possible. Between them, there aren’t many technical or commercial challenges we can’t solve.

Investing time

We’re all guilty sometimes of thinking about innovations as eureka moments, but in truth it’s a long process. InnoEnergy investments don’t start with an initial meeting and end with a cheque.

Transforming a prototype or pilot into a successful and marketable product can be a complex journey, but we aim to create long-term partnerships while shortening the time to market for new goods and services. We want to help take ideas from prototype to commercial product within five years, but we aim for our partnership to last much longer.


…of course we do mean money too – over the course of our six investment rounds we have directly invested €147million (m) in 78 products and services. We
typically invest between €100k and €4-5m, covering between 20 and 80 per cent of the project costs – the rest comes from the project partners. There’s no set limit to the size of our investment as every innovation is considered on its own merits.

InnoEnergy’s 2017 Investment Round is now open. If you’re working on the next revolution in sustainable energy innovation and would benefit from the above investment, find out more here.

In the coming weeks, more blogs will shine a light on the process and how to maximise your chance of successful investment. For now though, what does investment mean to you?