Clean Alternative students’ new challenge in CC Poland Plus

Combining pedagogy and business – unique added value of InnoEnergy for education

InnoEnergy Master’s School programs are focused on the practical application of knowledge and giving our graduates everything they need to kick-start a successful career in the energy industry or even start their own businesses. Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy program organizes and delivers wide variety of workshops with career advisors and coaches, helping to find the right place and the right role to create the biggest impact.

Combining education and business

The business planning classes which is a part of entrepreneurial content in curriculum are organized in special, not classic university, manner. According to challenge driven education and project based learning principles, students have got the challenge to create their own innovative ideas and then prepare the complete business proposal. It should have contained the detailed description of the idea, market analysis, budget etc. It has been done by students with the assistance of academic teacher. In order to give the full realism to the “game”, students were asked to stand in front of the commission which in real world is deciding whenever “to give or not to give” money for the startup launch. They must have given a business pitch and answered all questions.

As a result, students acquired not only knowledge how to prepare business plan, but in addition had a chance to get real experience. Next time would be much more easier and much more effective for them to prepare and present business proposal. To give a chance for getting experience in real conditions is a new paradigm which is currently implemented in pedagogical approach in Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy MSc program.

On the 12th January 2017, our MSc CFAFE students met in InnoEnergy Poland Plus office at the workshop focused on developing the business skills. Our Master’s School students were asked to come up with their business ideas, make a business plan, and prepare presentation and pitch in front of the Business Creation Team members.

This example show the excellent value of InnoEnergy as a complex organization containing different business lines which could support education, making teaching extremely effective. Additionally, the idea of the meeting was to enrich the Master’s School program with managerial elements based on the real world and to strengthen cooperation within InnoEnergy business lines.