KIC InnoEnergy France: Meet our entrepreneurs – ATAWEY

“Anytime Anywhere Energy“ is the new base line of Atawey, formerly Mhy Energy, that has been established as a company end of October. Atawey is one of the six startups supported by KIC InnoEnergy France. The company has recently won the Rhône-Alpes region Entrepreneurship Network contest forinnovative projects.

Atawey proposes turnkey solutions for off-grid sitesthat allow tostore up to 1 MWh of the excess production issued from renewable sources during periods of high generation during a period up to 40 days and restitute it during periods of low production.

Compared to existing solutions, ATAWEY’s product provides a “green” alternative to generators by eliminating the problem of fuel supply as well as the nuisances (noise, odors, fumes, CO2 and nanoparticles emissions) generated by them.

The company has already validated the technical and economic interest of its product for the clients and several commercial prospects have shown a clear interest in their product. ATAWEY is presently building a demonstrator in order to deepen these first commercial contacts, as well as establish new ones in other segments.

Jean Michel Amare and Pierre Jean Bonnefond, the founders of the company, are aware of the challenges ahead and work actively in reinforcing the team to prepare the launch of their final product in the market. This launch will take place gradually along 2013 with 2 demonstration sites and 7 equipments foreseen in 2014. A promising market lies ahead.