Catch up with the off-grid revolution in an eight-week course

Imagine that a poor family, far off in a developing country, could take a shortcut to the 21th century global economy. Off-grid renewable energy systems can raise living standards, boost education and open up business opportunities we have never seen before. This online course for professionals can be your shortcut to joining the revolution.  

A giant leap for mankind

Around the world, 1.2 billion people still have no access to electricity; many more have only poor supply. UN’s goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable energy for all by 2030 may seem optimistic, but the off-grid revolution in renewable energy re-draws the map. Developing countries get a chance to compete, without the detour through 20th century energy systems.

We have already seen the revolution in the mobile phone industry. The change has been most obvious in developing countries where copper networks have been by-passed. Taking the off-grid concept in energy supply and combining it with renewable sources creates a much broader range of possibilities, all the way from a poor family’s chances to make a living, to the global enterprises re-writing their business plans.

Changing the mind-set

Decision-makers are looking for innovative and proven solutions to enable universal access to sustainable energy. Engineers provide the solutions, but there is also a need for a new mind-set in other parts of society. Hence, the new course Off-grid renewable energy systems available through InnoEnergy’s online portal, the Institute of Sustainable Energy, which provides professional courses from senior academic and industrial experts. Two partners confer expertise and the best possible educational environment:

  • Rooter ( in Spain who have led the implementation of new educational formats such as Massive Open Online Courses in collaboration with the most prestigious universities, business schools and multinationals, and
  • EOI in Madrid (Escuela de Organización Industrial,, one of Europe’s leading business schools

Eva Curto Izquierdo at EOI explains why this course can change people’s mind-set:

“You get the whole picture of the subject. Off-grid renewable energy is not just engineering or business, it’s also about social and political issues. The course is truly multi-discipline and unique in that aspect. “

Professionals prefer online education

The course is built for professionals, not only in the energy sector, but also other commercial, non-governmental or governmental organisations. Frank Gielen, Director of Education at InnoEnergy explains the basic idea behind the course:

“Our courses are ideal for people who can’t spend much time on education, yet want to learn a lot and be ready to use it in a few weeks.”

  • There is one basic and one advanced course. Each course contains an average of 2.5 hours per week for eight weeks. The basic course starts on 30 October 2017 with carefully chosen expert tutors. This will be our first course accessible on FutureLearn (, a world-spanning platform of courses from the best international universities and institutions.

Frank Gielen continues:

“Our courses are more than education, they add value by providing a network as well. Our tutors are experts from the industry and other key actors; people you can contact in your professional role.”

Find this course and a range of others in your field of interest at iSE – The Institute of Sustainable Energy by InnoEnergy