Connecting entrepreneurs and markets, start-ups and customers

As the world’s leading business accelerator specialising in sustainable energy, Business Creation Services from InnoEnergy is helping start-ups to create successful businesses that bring solutions to a global market. Because we invest our own funds and expertise in return for a financial stake we are looking forward the success of the start-ups we support.

Our Offer

The offering is split into two distinct services for start-ups at different stages of maturity:

  • The Highway™ is for entrepreneurs and start-ups at the beginning of their journey
  • The Boostway™ is for more firmly established companies looking to consolidate and grow their business

How Does it Work?

We support start-ups with:

  • Proven business development models and services, that are tailored for each business
  • Connections to a pan-European network of industry players and potential customers
  • Introductions to deep expertise and specialist knowledge in the field of sustainable energy
  • Access to capital, seed-funding, and our own network of start-ups and business angels
  • Assertive sales and marketing support to shorten time to profit and return on investment
  • A consistently high level of service through each of our regional offices

How to apply?

No matter where you are, apply to our unified business creation services to start benefiting from InnoEnergy’s support.

Facts & Figures

Find out how the  InnoEnergy Highway™ has performed for our entrepreneurs so far, through the figures related to how many entrepreneurs have applied to receive these services, how many start-ups have been created with this help.

Venture Capital Community

InnoEnergy gives its entrepreneurs access to a community of top European venture capital companies through our Venture Capital Community.


A team of business creation experts and coaches committed to provide you with the support needed on the way to launch your product/service to the market. We invite you to contact them for further information.