Services for entrepreneurs

InnoEnergy Highway® is our offering for early stage start-ups. We support your business through tailored services that address your specific needs, we lead you to commercial success and contribute hedging the financial risks. In return, InnoEnergy acquires an equity stake of your future start-up.

Our Offer

Do you want to start your own business in the sustainable energy field?  InnoEnergy Highway® offers all the services you need to transform your idea or venture into a successful business.

How Does it Work?

InnoEnergy Highway® proposes you a path from the idea to the customer: we will assess your idea, work with a coach to develop your venture, deliver the most appropriate services you need, invest in your company, support you all the way through the process of business creations and make you benefit from a powerful network of partners.

How to apply?

No matter where you are in Europe, apply to our unified business creation services to start benefitting from InnoEnergy’ support.

Facts & Figures

Find out how the  InnoEnergy Highway® has performed for our entrepreneurs so far, through the figures related to how many entrepreneurs have applied to receive these services, how many ventures are being supported and how many start-ups have been created thanks to our services.

Venture Capital Community

InnoEnergy gives its entrepreneurs access to a community of top European venture capital companies through our Venture Capital Community.


A team of business creation experts and coaches committed to provide you with the support needed on the way to launch your product/service to the market. We invite you to contact them for further information.