A new standard for human resources, due diligence for early start-ups

E2Talent® measures the entrepreneurial skills of individuals and team dynamics within a start-up, evaluating their potential of success and ultimately supporting the decision-making process for VC companies and accelerators.

Lower the risk of investing

A start-up’s success – or failure – depends on its people and their entrepreneurial skills. InnoEnergy and ESADE Business School’s Leadership Development Research Centre have joined forces to bring you E2Talent®, a tool that measures the individual and team competencies that have been identified in successful entrepreneurs and teams.

E2Talent® proposes a set of tools to measure skills such as performance expectations, adaptability, and capacity, through a series of surveys and simulations.

Eighteen distinct key skill sets can be identified, all of which have been proven to predict the success of a start-up.  

In addition, E2Talent® enables you to assess key aspects of team dynamics which are crucial to the development of a start-up, such as the leadership dynamics within the team, how they solve problems, complementarity of skills and missing competencies within the team. The results can then be used to build a competency improvement plan.

E2Talent® can also alert you about potentially incompatible team members or those who may struggle to be coached.

E2Talent® is for

  • Investors: venture capital companies, business angels and corporate ventures
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Government agencies and programmes to support entrepreneurship
  • Universities and research centres with acceleration programmes for student/researcher-founded start-ups
  • HR consultants that assess entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams

E2Talent® can be used for

  • Selection purposes: it supports decision making when selecting start-ups
  • Competencies development: the tools can be used for building a competency improvement plan for entrepreneurs
  • Continuous evaluation process: the tools can be used to track the improvement of entrepreneur competencies over time

Why E2Talent®?

Rigorous. E2Talent® was developed using a rigorous research protocol to identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and pinpoint how they are different from unsuccessful entrepreneurs and people who are not entrepreneurs.

Robust. E2Talent® measurements are taken using three different instruments: biographical and personality questionnaires; an online in-basket job simulation; and a structured interview. The data is then cross-validated for particularly robust results.

For individuals and teams. E2Talent® can be used to assess several aspects of team dynamics identified as crucial to the development of a start-up:

• Complementarity of skills within a team
• Missing competencies within the team
• Incompatible team members
• Uncoachable team/individuals

The results can then be used to build a competency development plan.

Contact details: alberto.gonzalez@innoenergy.com