An innovative technology to capture energy from the environment wins the Cleantech Camp award

EnergIoT has designed a microgenerator to capture energy from the environment and provide power to autonomous sensors for the Internet of Things.

The technology from the company EnergloT has been declared the winner of the second edition of the Cleantech Camp, the programme to accelerate and boost startups related to sustainable energy in Spain and Portugal. The award ceremony was held at Barcelona Activa and the decision was the result of a deliberation process  assesed by a jury made up of experts and investors from the clean energy sector.

The winner company has received 20.000 € and will receive support for the growth and consolidation of the project with non-monetary contributions, valued at 10.000 euros. Thanks to the programme, EnergloT will contribute with its project to reducing the maintenance associated with the charge and substitution of batteries on sensor-equipped grids, especially in those in which access it is not simple, such as electricity grids, gas networks or electrical generators.

The second place was for the company and project X1WIND, the creators have been prize-winning with the sum of 10.000 €, as well as 6.000 € in non-monetary contributions. This company has developed a disruptive system for the wind offshore market, which consists of a floating platform that reduces up to 66% the currents system weight,  facilitates the installation and the open sea maintenance without the use of offshore cranes.

Finally, Rated Power was the third and last awarded company, it has received a prize of 5.000 € and complementary services valued on 4.000 €. Their innovative software pvDesing is capable of considerably cutting the number of working hours to prepare the necessary documentation for the design of solar photovoltaic plants. The reduction goes from 1-2 weeks to five minutes. This company already counts with a first client, the main developer of photovoltaic plants in Argentina.

The initiative Cleantech Camp, promoted by InnoEnergy, Barcelona Activa, Camara de Lisboa and sponsored by Gas Natural Fenosa , aims at promoting the technology transfer and the entrepreneurship in the field of clean energy.

Mikel Lasa, CEO of InnoEnergy Iberia, congratulated not only the winners but also all the participants of the Cleantech Camp and said: “EnergIoT is the winner of a programme that has met several innovative and high-level projects, the decision was not easy. Cleantech Camp is the plunge for great business ideas, it gives visibility and increases the success opportunities. In addition, it offers the chance to be part of the booster programmes of InnoEnergy”. Lasa also expressed his satisfaction with the participation of a group of women in the contest, “We hope that the number of female representatives in the sustainable energy sector increases in the near future, that is another of InnoEnergy goals” he added.