AGH University of Science and Technology

On March 6 2012 AGH University of Science and Technology organized a meeting with participants of PhD studies of Clean Coal Technologies. The studies focus on issues such as: energy efficiency, CCS technology, creation of new materials for fuel cells and coal gasification. The meeting was a short seminar, during which invited guests gave presentations within the scope of PhD track program.

The presence of the seminar was honored by: AGH Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Tomasz Szmuc, Prof. Jerzy Niewodniczanski, an adviser to the PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o., company responsible for preparation of the investment process and building the first nuclear power plant in Poland, also former delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency Paulina Piwowarczyk, representing the KWANT company, acting in the area of implementation of systems to optimize the combustion power boilers and industrial furnaces.

Diego Pavia, CEO KIC InnoEnergy SE (Knowledge and Innovation Node under the auspices of which a PhD track was launched) Professor Teresa Grzybek, responsible for PhD studies in the field of Clean Coal Technologies, and dr. inż. Rafal Mrowka Chairman of the Board CC POLAND PLUS (Polish center of KIC InnoEnergy).

Meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Board CC POLAND PLUS. During the welcome speech, Rafal Mrowka approached the idea of action in the KIC InnoEnergy SE, its basics, which means focusing not only on the educational projects, but also in the area of innovation projects and business creation.

After welcoming participants, Paulina Piwowarczyk presented a speech concerning Combustion Optimization and NOx Reduction at Power Generation Boilers.

The presentation of Professor Niewodniczański met with great interest. He focused on a very current issue of nuclear power in Poland and World. Professor presented the current situation of European and global nuclear energy and described possible directions of development. As an advisor cooperating in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland, Professor highlighted both the opportunities (price stability, relatively easy market for raw materials, energy security) and threats (the issue of radioactive waste), connected to this type of project.

As a conclusion Diego Pavia characterized KIC’s activities, which have been identified as a conducive to the development and integration in the area of education, research, technology and innovation, as well as to strengthening a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship establishment.

It is not by a coincidence that education was mentioned first. The obvious fact is, that in the center of innovation projects, apart from modern technology, there are talented people. Support, which KIC InnoEnergy SE offers, can be a trampoline to a career which in the future will lead to the development of innovative technologies

For PhD students KIC InnoEnergy offer contains, among other things: a grant of more than 1,000 EUR per month, the program of studying in many EU countries, entrepreneurship courses carried out by renowned European business schools such as ESADE in Barcelona, close cooperation with industry during operations of research.

Actions in the field of educational projects are executed in parallel with the activities for business and innovation projects, allowing the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and competence building. In 2012, there will be start of the MSc track in the area of Clean Coal Technologies.

AGH and the Silesian University of Technology is coordinating this project. Offer for second-degree students also include inter alia: scholarships, double degree, the program of study in many EU countries, entrepreneurial courses.