Through its the RIS Network – KICStart, InnoEnergy provides innovation and entrepreneurship support within sustainable energy in countries where KIC InnoEnergy is not currently represented, and is a part of the EIT RIS Programme.

How does KICStart! work?

Our regional activities are based on a collaboration between InnoEnergy and a regional network of local partner organisations They enable us to support students, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the domain of sustainable energy by promoting high-growth venture opportunities and accelerating the commercialisation of research.

By unlocking the regional expertise of our network we provide innovators, students, and businesses with access to tools and education they need to excel. We enable them to test new ideas and take them to market, find risk financing, access customers, and ultimately create jobs while making a positive impact on the future energy landscape.

Access our KICkstart network

If you are an entrepreneur, student looking for our services or you have an innovative technology, please contact one of our Regional POC’s here.

For interested partners

If your organization is an accelerator, incubator, technology transfer center, industry cluster, university, applied research center, or a government entity, we encourage you to apply to our Open Call for Partnerships.

See our current network here.

Benefit: Access

Get access to InnoEnergy’s unique, global network of contacts and set of tools, resources and methodologies developed in order to boost the innovation ecosystem around your organization.

Benefit: Opportunity

Get the opportunity to engage and support the most innovative regional entrepreneurs. Use the InnoEnergy brand credibility and a broad network of mentors and experts.

Benefit: Growth

Leverage your regional expertise and the InnoEnergy know-how to foster local growth through innovation. Get involved in co-branded promotion across the entire EIT RIS country geographic.




Read more about our Open Call for Partnerships.