8 new education project partners to the PhD School

Great news for the PhD School – 8 new Education project partners have been approved by the EIT! The InnoEnergy partner community is now the largest in Europe devoted to sustainable energy – comprised of innovative companies, universities and research organisations. Each new partner brings something important to the table and we are pleased to add these new universities and engineering schools to the expanding list.

The InnoEnergy PhD School was created for young PhD researchers wishing to add the crucial skills of innovation and entrepreneurship to their ongoing PhD research. This additional training was specifically designed to provide these PhD candidates with the exciting opportunity to “learn by doing” – and to teach them how to transform their research into actual innovation.

Three types of activities are geared towards learning exactly how energy businesses are created and run. A catalogue of trainings in subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation & business – as well as science & technology, open to market, economical and societal issues (the perfect addition to participant’s hard skills). Then there is an international mobility (consisting of at least 4 months abroad in a foreign university or company), which offers all the advantages of an intensive international learning experience. And finally events aimed to provide all the benefits of the extensive InnoEnergy network, spanning pan-European academia and the energy industry.

We are proud to collaborate with these newly added PhD School project partners:

• Politecnico di Torino, Italy
• Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium
• Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
• Aarhus Universiteit, Denmark
• Chalmers Teknisla Högskola, Sweden
• Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
• Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
• Centrale Supélec, France

“With top-level academic partners such as these, the expectation is to attract more and more PhD candidates leading their research by these new partners and applying to the InnoEnergy PhD School”, shares director, Isabelle Schuster. “It’s very promising for the development of the programme itself – resulting in new applicants from different fields, exciting proposals for courses and additional opportunities for mobility, etc.”

The goal is that these partners will work with the PhD School on the innovation projects that are part of the curriculum, as well as offering their students the opportunity to join master programmes geared toward innovation and entrepreneurship. Establishing partnerships such as these brings new research topics, approaches and practices in doctoral education and innovation – and provides new opportunities for collaboration within an ever-growing network. It’s a win-win situation and as a representative from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France puts it, “We are very motivated to work on projects with InnoEnergy – as it’s to our mutual benefit.”

Especially advantageous is the involvement of partners from different countries around the globe as it provides a broader cultural perspective about the future energy transition. Isabelle states, “Even if the energy transition is a global challenge for Europe and the world, we have to know more about local/regional policies, practices and energy users’ behavior. We are not a closed club – and new partners help us to be more and more relevant.” With this collaborative spirit in mind we welcome the new partners… and are excited to see who will join us next!