30,000 households now uses Greenely’s app

Greenely continues to expand rapidly! The Swedish start-up that helps households to monitor and reduce their use of electricity through its app, has already reached its intended goal for the year with 30,000 households, and is now growing by 6000+ users a month. In addition, Greenely has recently expanded its offering with a new electricity deal to promote more active electricity consumers.

Greenely is the next generation energy management tool. Using the Greenely mobile app, households will be able to get an overview of their energy consumption and personalised feedback on their energy behaviour, all with minimum effort and with no additional hardware installation.

The tool utilises learning algorithms that track and analyse the households’ energy behaviours and then adapts accordingly. Through in-depth and targeted analysis, gamification and comparison with neighbours, the households will be incentivised and guided towards a decreased energy consumption. As a further step in helping Swedish households manage their electricity usage, the company launched recently an in-app subscription plan enabling users to buy renewable electricity directly from the electricity market. The promising company now intends to scale going forward.

“We began our journey to help electricity companies with their digital processes and improve their customer offering. However, we quickly perceived the lack of user focus and traditional pricing models in the energy industry. We therefore chose to launch our own electricity agreement, where we don’t earn more from our customers consuming more. Instead, we focus on delivering a unique user experience that actually helps people reduce their electricity consumption”, says Tanmoy Bari, CEO of Greenely.


For more info, read Greenely’s press release (in Swedish).