17 MSc EMINE students at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris!

This week, 17 of our MSc EMINE students (European Master’s in Nuclear Energy) are attending the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in Paris!

After having finished their first year of studies at either KTH University in Stockholm, Sweden or at UPC in Barcelona, Spain, the students are now entering into a much-awaited part of their learning journey: the summer school, which is this year preceded by the biennial event WNE. WNE is a great occasion for them to network with industrials from the nuclear sector, SMEs, research centers and large organisations – including the CEA, Orano and EDF, the industrial partners of the programme.

WNE is also an opportunity to meet start-ups innovating in the field… such as Seaborg Technologies, co-founded by  MSc EMINE alumni Eirik Eid Pettersen. Indeed, the new type of nuclear reactors, such as small modular reactors (SMRs) is attractive for many of our students interested in innovation in nuclear energy. During the fair, the students were actually missioned to visit the booths of companies working on these technologies to find out more about SMRs, some of them based on GEN IV technologies such the molten salt reactors technologies developed by Seaborg.

Last, our group of students got a unique opportunity to network with two of our MSc EMINE alumni actively involved in the event, Slavica Ivanovic and Alexia Sergeant!